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How can I tighten my jowls?

Jul 03,2019

What causes Jowls?

Jowls, turkey neck and sagging jawline, are all the same concerning effect of sagging skin causing the loss of definition around the jawline and neck area. This is a common point of concern for many men and women as they age, caused by a variety of internal (genetics) and external factors (smoking, sun exposure and other factors).

As we age, a variety of complex mechanisms occur, emphasising the sagging, including the loss of structural proteins in the skin (collagen) or the decent/downwards movement of skin and fat in the face.

Why choose Silhouette Soft®?

Using unique bidirectional cones, Silhouette Soft is designed to effectively and safely reposition ptosis (sagging) of the skin and tissues in the face, caused by different effects of ageing. The mechanisms of ageing are complex and are due to a combination of factors including; decent of fat and skin and the loss of structural proteins such as collagen.

As shown in the illustration above, to effectively treat moderate sagging in the lower face and jawline, first Silhouette Soft needs to reposition sagging skin the midface. This is followed by the repositioning of the fat pads (blue) in the lower face.

By repositioning the tissue in the midface and lower face, it will reduce the weight of the sagging tissues along the jawline.

Once the sutures have been inserted, the physician will gently pull the skin along the suture to tighten the skin. This provides immediate, subtle and natural-looking results for a rejuvenated and refreshed you.

An added benefit from Silhouette Soft treatments includes the long-term benefits from the improved natural collagen stimulation in the skin occurring around the cones. This collagen production will allow you to see results improve over time, even once the suture and cones have been resorbed.

  • Natural-looking and subtle results
  • Immediate and long-lasting results
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Strong and effective repositioning through the bidirectional cone technology


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