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Male skincare: how can men take care of their skin?

Aug 19,2019

Male grooming is a trend growing in the last few years, with more men looking into methods to keep them looking fresh. Men are looking for treatments to help them maintain their appearance. Although some rules will be the same between men and women, men will have to consider some general differences.

Men tend to have thicker skin, as it contains more collagen to have a tighter, firmer appearance. This can impact ageing in men, often the signs appear later than in women but can develop more rapidly. On top of this, men typically have more active sebaceous glands and therefore more pores. This leads to an increased production of sebum, lowering skin pH and are therefore more prone to impurities and acne.

Men who shave regularly also have more ‘stressed’ skin, from the razor which can cause sensitivity and reactive symptoms. Shaving with a blunt razor or insufficient lubrication can lead to cuts, razor burns and razor bumps. Stress and irritation can be reduced by following the direction of facial hairs, and it is recommended to use shaving products with anti-bacterial properties to protect skin from shaving irritations.

Unlike women, men generally focus less on the appearance of wrinkles and more on reducing the appearance of sagging skin, puffy eyes and dark circles, associated with an exhausted, lacklustre look. There are a variety of options to address these specific areas of concern.

  1. Good skincare routine
    A good skincare routine is a must for everyone, however, you can effectively care for and maintain healthy skin with a few simple steps
    Cleansing: cleansing is vital to keeping the skin healthy, cleanse twice daily to remove excess sebum and clear out pollutants and other particulates from clogging pores.
    Moisturise: You don’t need to have an arrangement of five different moisturisers. As men tend to have more oily skin, use a light, water-based moisturiser designed for your skin type (e.g. sensitive, anti-ageing)
  2. Makeup
    Male makeup is a gradually growing trend and is a great way to help conceal and reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. There are an ever-growing number of brands dedicated to producing natural-looking and discreet makeup for men, to lift your appearance






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