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These pages will guide you through the innovative technology and history of Silhouette Soft®.

These pages will guide you through the innovative technology and history of Silhouette Soft®.

Technology Of Silhouette Soft®

Innovative bidirectional cone technology device

Highly effective retightening and anchoring, thanks to the 3D shape of the cones.

A high end treatment uniquely building value

Through high patient satisfaction and practice enhancement.

A dual action treatment

For face and neck reshaping by softly elevating tissues to their desired location and stimulating the production of natural collagen*.

A minimally invasive procedure

That do not require surgery. This treatment is simply performed under local anesthesia at their doctor’s.

History Of Silhouette Soft®

Silhouette Soft Structure®

  1. Bidirectional cones (which face in opposite directions)
  2. Central Monofilament : cones evenly spaced either side of cone-free central zone of 2 cm
  3. Freely moving cones don’t compromise the device strength
  4. Each cone is separated by tied knots and is free floating between them

Silhouette Soft® Range

USP designation 3.0
Length 30cm 27.5cm 26.8cm
Number of cones 8 12 16
Direction of the cones Bidirectional
Space between cones 5mm 8mm 8mm
Material PLLA (Monofilament) and PLGA (cones)
Needle 2 needles (23 G) of 12cm each

Silhouette Soft® a Dual Action

1. Treatment

Offering a highly effective and safe repositioning and fixation of the underlying structures thanks to 2 synergistic actions.

1. An immediate tissue repositioning

Redefine the focused area by compressing and elevating the tissues thanks to the bidirectional cones technology.

2. A gradual tissue regeneration

Redensify the tissues by stimulating fibroblasts to activate a collagen production.

A 3 Dimensional Structure

Thanks to the 360° surface of the cones Silhouette Soft resist suspension traction, retighten effectively the tissue, provide an immediate strong anchorage in the subcutaneous tissue.


  • Resist suspension traction
  • Retighten effectively the tissues
  • Strong anchorage in subcutaneous tissue

Main Component: Poly Lactic Acid

Silhouette Soft® suspension suture is re-absorbable, biocompatible and biodegradable. The Monofilament is made of Polylactic acid (PLLA) and the Cones are made of Polylactic-co-glycolic acid (has 82% of lactic acid
and 18% of glycolic acid).

The Polylactic acid (PLLA), the main component of Silhouette Soft® is a well-known polymer that has been used for many years in a number of biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. It has a long history of use as resorbable device, a drug delivery system and in surgery – in particular in orthopaedic fixation devices such as pins, rods and screws. It is also a key material in the development of tissue engineering. These applications have been approved for human use by the US FDA.

Silhouette Soft® suspension suture is re-absorbable, biocompatible and biodegradable

The breakdown process of PLLA has been extensively studied: it acts by hydrolysing ester bonds, while its degradable components are resorbed through the metabolic pathways with the production of lactic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body.

PLLA is generally well-tolerated and, given its synthetic nature, no allergy testing is necessary before subject treatment; moreover its excellent safety record after correct implantation has been well-documented through extensive clinical experience and those clinical studies performed, involved thousands of subjects

Technology Advantages

Silhouette Soft® 3 dimensional cones

Immediate strong anchorage in the subcutaneous tissue

Effective retightening of the tissue

Solid support of soft tissue with a good resistance to suspension traction

Who is suitable for Silhouette Soft®?

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